S.T. Dupont, a French luxury brand that provides exceptional
products for exceptional people, was established in 1872 through
the adventurous spirit and passion of its founder Simon Tissot Dupont,
based on its excellence in leather handcrafting technique.

Maison Dupont had already acquired its reputation as a travel case
manufacturer since the early 20th century, and was very popular
among the upper class of Europe and the United States for
its use of high-quality leather accompanied by the artisans’ delicate handwork.

영상썸네일 영상썸네일

The EPV certificate is granted selectively to French companies that have been
assessed based on strict standards on criteria such as excellent technology, tradition, and craftsmanship.
Maison Dupont was bestowed with an EPV certification in November 2012 and has firmly established itself as the
official supplier of the French government and as one of the brands that represents France.

S.T. Dupont continues its long history and tradition, and the masterpieces created by the hands
of master craftsmen of S.T. Dupont is desired by gentlemen all around the world. S.T. Dupont presents
luxury leather products and fountain pens, as well as lighters, men's accessories,
and clothing that adds dignity and class to the wearer.